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NPM-VF Odd-Form Inserter
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PCB dimensions  L50mm x W50mm - L510mm x W460mm 
Max. PCB mass Upto 3kg 
PCB thickness  0.3 - 8mm 
PCB Flow Left => Right / Left <= Right 
Insertion direction  360 (+/- 180) degrees 
Insertion push force  Upto 100N 
PCB Exchange time  4.5s 
Applicable components 

Max. dimensions: L130mm x W35mm x H60mm / L150mm x W38mm x H29mm

Max. component mass: 200g 

3-stations head

Tact: Max. 0.65s / component

Body chuck + Nozzle + Nozzle

Body chuck + Nozzle + Swing nozzle

Body chuck + Nozzle + Lead chuck

Body chuck + Swing nozzle + Lead chuck

2-station head

Tact: Max. 0.9s / component

Body chuck + Body chuck


S => Max. component dim: W20 x L80 xH20mm / Max. stick width: 24mm /

         Max. component mass of 2kg in total

L => Max. component dim: W60 x L80 x H45mm / Max. stick width: 64mm /

        Max. component mass of 2kg in total

Radial Tape Max. body dimension: Radius = 20mm & H30mm / Lead pitch: 2.5 / 5.0 / 7.5 / 10.0mm 
Tray Max. tray dimension: L230 xW335 x D69mm / Max. pallets per feeder: 20 / Max. mass: 20kg 
Bulk Customized specs 
Machine Configuration

Front: 30-slots

Rear: 30-slot fixed supply