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To be the best in the field by constantly increasing level of services, know-how and quality.



To be a reliable and long-term Complete Factory Automation Solutions Partner for our customers in Turkey and surrounding countries.


Our Policies

  • Expert in our Field. 
    We strive to be experts in our field - in order to fulfill customers requirements.
  • Reliable. 
    Our customers know that our verbal confirmations are sufficient for us to keep our promises.
  • Different. 
    Even with standard products and services, we provide with differentiating factors for 3S Technologies to be the number #1 choice.
  • Immediate Action. 
    We take immediate action - both to fulfill customers requirements, as well as to take the necessary internal decisions to apply these.
  • Respectful. 
    Whatever the circumstances, we act with social responsibility and respect.
  • Positive.
    We are positive about the future. When looking at the future, we focus on the opportunities and possibilities.
  • Determined and Patient.
    We are determined and patient when taking action.
  • Team Work.
    We understand that we can reach the target only with Teamwork. Therefore, we work strongly and closely with our suppliers and customers.
  • Open to New Technologies and Innovation.
    We constantly pursue innovation and new technologies. This is the basis of all our activities.